TTC Okayama May 2014


01groupshotSivananda Yoga Teacher Training Course (TTC)


25th May – 21 June 2014


Experience a Yoga Teacher Trainers’ Course in a traditional Japanese hotel (Hotel Katsuragi) in a scenic hot spring village!?


The hotel boasts traditional tatami floors in the rooms, asana and meditation hall, healthy Japanese vegetarian food and natural hot spring baths. Enjoy silent walks along the riverside and in surrounding woods and sightseeing at nearby places such as Himeji and Kyoto. You can experience Yoga along with traditional Japanese lifestyle!?






Primary language will be English with simultaneous Japanese translation. The classes are conducted by experienced international teachers.





Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training CourseTTC

TTC was established by Swami Vishnudevananda with a vision to create a better more peaceful world. More than 30,000 people have graduated since? the first TTC in 1969. Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centres and Ashrams are well recognized for their pure traditional teaching of Yoga. TTCs are regularly held all over the world including Canada, USA, South America, France, Bahamas, India and Thailand. The first TTC in Japan was held in Okayama in 2013.

A sincere desire to learn and practice the various aspects of Yoga is important. Prior yoga practice is not essential. Students should approach the course with an open mind. The course includes many traditional Hindu rituals, prayers and chants.


Daily Schedule
5:20 Wakeup Bell

?6:00?7:30 Satsang (Guided Meditation, Chanting, Talk)

7:30 Tea time
8:00?10:00 Asana (How to teach asana)
10:00?11:00 Brunch (Vegetarian meal)
11:00?12:00 Karma Yoga (Selfless service for community life)
12:00?13:00 Bagavad Gita or Chanting class
13:30 Tea Time
14:00?15:30 Main Lecture
16:00?18:00 Asana (practice class)
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Satsang (Guided Meditation, Chanting, Talk)
22:00 Lights off
All classes are mandatory

The TTC is recognized for 200 hours of training by Yoga Alliance.

















Traditional Japanese accommodation and food. Rooms are Japanese style with bedding on the tatami floor and attached toilet. 4 – 5 people sharing one room. There are no single rooms.?There are common hot spring bath houses (men & women separate). Japanese vegetarian food includes many different kinds of seaweed, tofu and soy bean products eaten with chopsticks.?



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International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center (ISYVC), headquarters ? Val Morin, Quebec, Canada.



Hotel KATSURAGI, 800 Yunogo, Mimasaka-city, Okayama-ken, JAPAN 707-0062?

Phone: +81-(0)868-72-1555 Fax: +81-(0)868-72-1558



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  • ?Duration: 4weeks starting Sunday 25th May ending Saturday 21 June 2014?
  • ?Check-in: between 3 – 6pm 25th May. Final exam 8am Friday 20th June with graduation ceremony in the evening.?
  • ?Check out: before 12pm on Saturday 21st June. If you would like to stay at the hotel before or after the course you should book directly with the hotel.


Course Fee 😕

4 – 5 person share room(attached toilet)- $3000CAD

Course fee includes classes, accommodation, meals (brunch & dinner, x2 teas), manual, uniform (2 sets of Tshirts & pants). Excluding transport to the hotel, optional sightseeing tour on Fridays and additional recommended books.


Cancellation Policy:?

  • ?Cancellation before 19th May – CAD$150 fee (administration) deducted.
  • Cancellation from 19th May – CAD$1650 fee (administration and hotel) deducted.?
  • If you leave during the first 3 days of the course, 26th ? 28th May? – CAD$1950 deducted.?
  • Thereafter there will be no refund. ?
  • For a no show, no refund will be issued. ?
  • Transfer to another teachers training course is not possible.? ?


How to Apply

Online registration & payment before 25th May. Sign up on Sivananda Ashram website,, select OKAYAMA course



This prefecture comprises farming and natural areas. It is popular with city people coming for a relaxing break. YunogoOnsen is a quant village known for its hot springs.

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Closest airports are Kansai International Airport (Osaka) or Itami Domestic Airport (Osaka).

From Kansai International Airport→ (walk 10min)→ Kansai Airport Station→? JR Haruka Express (53min, 940yen)→ Shin-Osaka Station*→ (walk 10min)→ Chugoku Highway Bus, Tsuyama-iki (2.5hrs, 2300yen)→ Mimasaka Inter Change→ (Taxi 10min)→ YunogoOnsen KATSURAGI Hotel (Total Cost Approx. 5000yen = $50)

From Tokyo→? Shinkansen (2.5hrs, 13240yen = $135)→? Shin-Osaka Station*→ Chugoku Highway Bus, Tsuyama-iki (2.5hrs, 2300yen)→ Mimasaka Inter Change→(Taxi 10min)→ Yunogo Onsen KATSURAGI (Total Cost Approx. 18000yen = $180)

*transit at Shin Osaka Station is a bit complicated, need to ask for JR Highway Bus, Tsuyama-iki bus stop near Midosuji Subway line. Highway Bus is about every 30 min.
From Kyoto Station (Karasumaru guchi)→ Tsuyama Express Kyoto-go (2hrs40min)→ Mimasaka City→ (Taxi 10min)→ YunogoOnsen KATSURAGI Hotel (Total Cost Approx.? 4000yen = $40)


Local Train : Okayama Station(JR)→ (Uno Bus 1.5hr)→ Yunogo(Bus stop: YunogoOnsen-Shimo)→ KATSURAGI Hotel (walk 3min)

For more information contact

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Tokyo: +81-(0)3-5356-7791

Narayani Noriko (translator): +81-(0)90-6102-2385

Website: ? ? ? ? ?